La Vall de Laguar is formed by three villages: Campell (here you can find the Càmping & Bungalows Vall de Laguar) Fleix, Benimaurell and Fontilles Sanatorium. None of them has over 300 inhabitants, and this shows that it is a quiet and peaceful place.

La Vall de Laguar offers impressive routes for excursionists. Its walking routes are famous for their gorgeousness, such as the impressive Barranc de l´Infern. Along ancient pathways we will reach hidden spots with crystal-clear springs, caves and cliffs decorated with cave paintings of great historical value, protected by the UNESCO.

The well-known PRV 147 is a short walking route in the municipal district of La Vall de Laguar. It is a closed circuit of 14.5 kilometres and has 6,500 stone steps of Moorish origin. The views and flora of the walkway are really spectacular.

Its mains economic activities are the cultivation of its famous cherries, thus offering a landscape of impressive beauty, and the rural accommodation. The valley is formed by the subterranean river Xaló or Gorgos which, from the Vall d´Alcalà and the Barranc de l´Infern, flows into the sea at Xàbia.

Among its most important human monuments are the churches of the three villages. The Isbert dam, the top of the mountain "Cavall Verd", "La Cova Foradá", "La Font del Gel" and the ruins of the "Les Escales" castle are a few of the many places where visitors will be pleasantly surprised.

A historical tip: La Vall de Laguar was the last stronghold of the Moorish uprising in 1609, the lay of the land made it impregnable to Christian troops until the very end.


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